Teaching them to sleep

Knowing best

I have officially retired from thinking I know better than everyone else. Sheesh.

So before we started the Ferber Method for real, I wanted to try my own adapted method.  Instead of putting them down and leaving the room while they are calm, I wanted to stay in the room and be there for Thea as she learned to fall asleep, right?


Terrible idea.

I’m pretty sure all that did was confuse her and frustrate her even more. Why aren’t you helping me? Don’t you see that I’m still crying.  

I tried with her crying for a straight hour and a half.  It was AGONY.

So I ask my husband, Andrew, to put her to sleep that night.  I can’t take more crying.  My heart’s already shredded.

He takes her upstairs and no joke, 15 minutes later, after repeatedly going in after an allotted time to comfort her, he came back down stairs, grinning. He had her sleeping on her own.

Here I was, thinking as he took her upstairs, he looks so confident.  He’ll learn how hard it is.

That’s what happens when your husband has been trying to have the character of Christ for the last ten years.  Everything he touches seriously works, simply because of who he has become and how he approaches things intellectually and with faith.  I love him.  One day, I can be like that too.

And guess who slept all night long?  Thea baby.


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