Teaching them to sleep

Comforting 2

Tonight, as I put her to bed, again she was un-sootheable.  She just kept crying no matter what I did.  I’ve been noticing lately that she is anticipating me leave, so when she thinks I’m about to step away, she’ll start to cry.  I’ve had to sneak out quick instead of the usual walk to the door.  So tonight, I decided I needed to just leave her crying because I didn’t want her to think that if she cried, I wouldn’t leave.  That just teaches her to keep crying, I think.

So I left, she cried.  I went back in after 2 minutes.  I snuggled my head into her neck and whispered a story in her ear (which is how I would get her to sleep when I would put her down for a nap before we started the Ferber Method, just this time without laying next to her).  She calmed down and finally started to breathe relaxed.  When I felt to leave, she wasn’t quite asleep, but her eyes were closed.

I’ve been worried about helping her fall asleep because I thought this whole thing was about teaching her to fall asleep on her own.  But she’s still asleep right now and it’s been almost 5 hours into the night.  I don’t mind putting a little girl to sleep one bit.  I cherish that actually.  So if I can do that, and she’ll stay sleep all on her own when I leave, I’d say Baby Thea has mastered sleep.

Plus, she’s not had a problem sleeping through the night this whole week.  She hasn’t woken up once.  Last night she slept for 13 hours, straight!  We’re really about there, friends.


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