Teaching them to sleep

We taught them to sleep

Months ago, I had no idea that teaching a baby to sleep was even a thing.  If anything, I just assumed they just slept or that they would get into the rhythm eventually.  For us, that wasn’t the case.

For the Snarr family, I’d say sleep training is a check!  We still aren’t completely finished, but I think the hard part is done.

For those of you whose experience doesn’t quite go as smoothly, just remember every baby, every situation is different.  Maybe you’re starting to train much later in the game.  That’s very different.  Don’t lose hope.  Maybe this method isn’t for you.  Maybe it is, but you’ll have to fight to stay dedicated and hopeful.  If nothing else, perhaps our experience can be a springboard for things to try or even just a standard of hope that it can work.  And finally, remember this: God has watched and helped lots of babies learn to sleep.  He knows your little one better than you do.  He knows what to do.  Pray and ask and trust, even if it’s hard, even if you think you might not like it.  Good luck everyone.


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