Potty training

Infant potty training

Yes, potty training.  It’s a real thing.  My 6-month old baby girl is well on her way to the big leagues.  Let’s just say, she poops and pees in the toilet.  We’ve only had one poopy diaper in a month and we’ve just started to get her to understand peeing in the toilet.  So before she’s too far mastered, I thought I would explain and start documenting, so I can share some trial and error instead of just mastery.

We follow a theory called elimination communication (although our own modified version I’m sure).  If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll explain.  It’s a potty training theory/method for infants.  It comes from 3rd world countries, where diapers aren’t a thing.  If you think about it, really, diapers are a “luxury” invented for more “advanced” countries.  I guess a woman went over to Africa and saw the women carrying infants on their backs and wondered how they didn’t get peed or pooped on.  So they explained that they learn how to communicate with their infants, so they know how when they will need to go to the bathroom.

It is based off the idea that humans naturally want to be clean.  I mean, who really wants to sit in their excrements all day?  No one. That’s disgusting.  Our instinct is to be clean and to be uncomfortable if we are not.  Really, all we are doing when we use diapers is teaching babies to ignore this instinct, and that it is okay to do their business in their pants.  No wonder potty training can be a difficult process at the traditional toddler ages.  We are trying to unteach them what we already taught them to do.  Or in other words, we are trying to tell them what was previously okay to do is suddenly not okay to do.

Elimination Communication is all about parents learning how to recognize when their infants need to go to the bathroom and training them where to do it.  Here is a video that gave me a visual of what this is like.  Just click on the link below.  I’ll post next about our specific approach and journey. Enjoy.

Elimination Communication


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