Potty training

We’re doing it: cloth diapers

The potty training continues.  But, Thea hardly ever poops in her diaper any more, and when she does, it is usually because I wasn’t watching (like today when Thea and I take a shower, and I put Thea down on a towel on the floor all naked while I finish up only to look out 1 minute later to see her crawling and pooping at the same time…fail. But cheers to multitasking).

As for peeing, we’ve ebbed and flowed with progress.  We’ve had a couple days where we’ve gone all day and only used two diapers (TWO!) because Thea and I are on the same schedule.  Most of the time we align hit and miss, still.

However, because I’ve been trying to be on top of taking her potty every 45-90 minutes, I’m usually changing a barely wet diaper due to missing one pee session in between (which I just have a hard time putting urine back on my baby, even if the diaper is still mostly dry…). AKA we’ve been going through a lot of diapers.

So! We’re moving to cloth diapers.  Had the idea come to mind the other day.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I got a pack of clothe diapers for a friend for our emergency storage, and hoped I didn’t need them.  But now, they are a godsend.

These diapers are pretty slick.  Basically, they’ve got an outer-shell with a changeable pad.   We go through the pads during the day, and throw them in with whatever laundry I need to have washed that night.  And when I’m out of clean pads, back to disposable diapers.

Side note: I did learn by sad experience that cloth diapers are awful for night sleeping, though.  Thea pees it up at night.  I came in to get her mid night to feed her and she was sopping wet.  Gross.  Poor baby.

So all in all, I’m not a hippy.  I just like saving money, especially when it’s not a disgusting experience as is the cloth diaper reputation.



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