Style me up

Hair…bleh: moving passed the let’s shave it stage

Being on this work and labor kick, I’m all gungho about moving passed the wishing stage into the doing stage.  And one of those wishes I’ve always had was to know how to do my hair.

My hairstyling skills are summed up as follows: straighten, ponytail, poor attempts at curling which always fall out anyway.  Yup, those are my three go-to’s and every attempt I make to go outside of those end up with me frustrated and my hair back in a ponytail.

I feel like there are those people who go dunk their head in the toilet and just come out with perfect, effortless hair.  Why can’t that be me?  I dunk my head in the toilet and it comes out looking like I dunked my head in the toilet.  It’s not fair!

So, I’m on a journey to master haircare and styling.  And can I just say that it is seriously a SCIENCE!  You have to know how hair works, how heat works, how every single kind of product works and which ones you need, mah mah mah.  You know what I’m saying?!  In the past, it has just made me want to shave my head and move on.  This time, we’re going to put in the time, effort, and find the money somewhere to set up my world to be a hair-doing guru.

Just don’t ask me to take any pictures of anything, and I’ll share this journey with you just fine 🙂

To start, I found my master, my sage, my all-knowing-one.  Her name is Abby Smith, and you’ve probably seen some of her stuff.  Here’s the link to her blog: .  I love her because she really knows how to teach.  I’ve tried following other people who share their hair abilities, and they are really hard to follow.  I do what they say, and it doesn’t work because they haven’t told me secret X, Y, and Z of what went into prepping their hair and what essential tools they are using, etc.  No, all they say is, “You need dirty hair, so don’t wash it.”  Oh don’t wash it?  Do you know what happens when I don’t wash my hair?  It looks like I dunked it in the toilet!!  You didn’t include that you put 3 different products in your hair slash have trained your hair to get passed the grease ball stage, you crazy kids.

Abby tells you everything, seriously everything that goes into her styling and doing.  (Like I just learned that a big reason my attempts at updo’s never work is because I have crappy, cheap bobbypins.  I didn’t even know there was a difference between bobbypins.  They all look the same.)  Yes, she is very beginner-friendly (and I’m as beginner as it gets).  She also includes coupons for you to stack your bathroom of product and device.   Bless her and kiss her forehead.

So high fives all around and here we go…


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