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Not all bobby pins are created equal

Maybe I should have already known this.  But I didn’t.  But not all bobby pins are the same.  I thought they were.  I mean, just look at them.  Who would have thought that different brands of bobby pins had different engineering?  Bobby pins just didn’t seem complex enough to have multiple ways to engineer one.  They don’t even seem complex enough to be associated with the word ‘engineering.’ It’s a bobby pin for crying out loud.

Oh, how wrong I was.  All my life I have just used the Goody brand bobby pins that you can buy at any Walmart or probably at most drug stores.  They’re cheap and they come in packs of a million, which I always need because I’m pretty sure I get home from the store, take the bobby pins out of the bag and see that I have already lost 6 of them.  Seriously, where do all my bobby pins end up?  They just disappear.  It’s almost like they run away….And you know, maybe they do run away because they have known this whole time that they just couldn’t live up to my expectations and thought, “Why even try?”

I didn’t realize this until now, but it’s because of my crappy bobby pins that I have hated up-do’s.  I do, I hate them.  I have to use 43 bobby pins just to keep my hair up, and it all ends up falling out anyways because the bobby pins have nothing to hold onto because there really isn’t room on my head for 43 bobby pins that have been crammed into the same area.  (By the end of my wedding day, my beautiful up-do was falling out so bad I looked like a rag-a-muffin) I just thought my hair was too smooth, thin, and flat for bobby pins to ever do the magic I would see on other people’s heads.

Nope.  Just needed to get some quality bobby pins.  So after watching Abby Smith, who in almost every video talks about her bobby pins she buys at Sally Beauty Supply, I decided to check it out.  I went to Sally’s and there they were: Metagrip Premium Bob Pins.  It even said on the advertisement behind them, “You’ll never buy different bobby pins again!”  Took a “bob pin” out of the box in the car, put it in my hair to keep my awful growing-out bangs out of my face, and seriously, it was stuck.  I could instantly feel the difference.  It didn’t slide; it wasn’t loose.  That bobby pin was in it to win it.  And I never had to readjust that it all day long.  People!  They are incredible!

So now, I can follow Mrs. Abby Smith’s up-do tutorials and not curse at her because it takes me 6 bobby pins to do the work she only uses 1 for.  No, now I stick a bobby pin in and say, “I’m with you, girl.  Next?”



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