My birthday(s)

In deciding when to get married, Andrew and I knew we were looking at September.  He gave me a window of two weeks to choose from that were going to be between hunting seasons, to avoid any future conflicts.  Andrew loves hunting and he loves me more, but if he didn’t have to miss out, he sure didn’t want to.  I picked the 19th, since 19 was my soccer number.  Within less than 2 minutes, we picked our date.  September 19th, the start of our forever together.

We decided to have a wedding dinner the night before, on the 18th, so the actual wedding day wasn’t so crammed.  We were going to have a pig roast at Andrew’s parents’ house.

The night went so well.  It was chill and we got to spend time with much loved family and friends.  It had started to get dark when I heard the beginnings of the happy birthday song.

Turning from where I was, my new sisters-in-law were at a table with a giant birthday cake.  And they were looking right at me!

My heart fell over.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel like the scum of the earth. Today was September 18th: the day known to my long-time friends as my fake birthday.  My new family didn’t know that.  I looked at my side of the family.  They were confused.  It wasn’t my birthday. I looked at my friends.  They were shaking their heads at me or laughing.  It wasn’t my birthday.  What do I do??

Luckily, my sister-in-law, after the song, said, “We found out this wasn’t your REAL birthday, but you are going to eat this cake as if it were!”  I guess when Andrew had arrived at his parent’s house earlier that night, they had asked him what he got me for my birthday.

“What?” He responded, confused.  “Today’s not her birthday.”

“Facebook says it is.”

So he explained the fabrication to them, but it was too late.  There was already a giant cake on the table.  And now it was my job to cut it and dish it up.

I’ve had a fake birthday ever since I signed up with Facebook.  It’s not so I can mess with people; that was never the intent.  I put a fake one down because my mom taught me to be leery of putting my real birthday on anything online.  Call me paranoid if you must.

After years of explaining it’s not my real birthday, I haven’t changed it because…well to be honest, I have too many memories on this day now.  I love my fake birthday.  The farther into adulthood I seem to go, however, the more awkward it gets that I have a fake birthday.  I’m starting to really feel bad because it really does warm my heart to have so many people wish me happy birthday, and I feel guilty telling them the news.

I don’t know if I’ll ever change it.  But to all who wish me happy birthday on this fake day, please know that I love it!  Your birthday wishes are in no way unappreciated.  In fact, I feel like the luckiest girl to have two birthdays.  Two days a year, I am reminded that I matter and that people care.  Thanks guys ❤ I really do love you all!  And don’t even stress if you don’t know my real birthday.  I don’t mind at all.  I wouldn’t know your birthday if it wasn’t on Facebook either.

Cheers to September 18th, my 57th birthday!



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