Raising children · Stay-at-homing

“On the background of a pleasant life”

After looking back at my last two posts, I just felt like I needed to write again to reassure you that I don’t reach my breaking point everyday.  I really don’t.  Most days have differing levels of easy and hard, but most days, I’m totally fine.  Like yesterday. Yesterday was a great day, even though the girls failed to stay asleep at the same time during the day, even though we had a mile high list of things we needed to do, even though I didn’t touch the laundry that is mounting, even though I didn’t get one minute of down time to myself all day.  What did happen yesterday is we had a wonderful time playing with some friends, and another wonderful time playing with family.  Oh yes, Thea had a blast yesterday, I had a good time, but poor little Rose was gassy and upset all day.  Today, though, I think we’ll all enjoy the day (THE GIRLS ARE BOTH NAPPING AS WE SPEAK! Ah yeah!)

Some really good things have taken place in my brain the last few days too that have really helped me get a better handle on things.

  1. I better understand the needs of my children.  I realized too late that Thea’s molars were finally breaking through.  She had been mucusy for a couple months with no sign of teeth, but I didn’t catch on that her increased crankiness had to do with the fact that her face hurt.  Getting her to bed with some Ibruprofen took care of her frequent wake ups and struggles to fall asleep on her own.  She sleeps like a champ again, which is great for all of us.  And Rosy is super gassy.  I had a friend do some leg exercises with her and Rose was farting left and right.  It’s crazy how much I have forgotten when it comes to taking care of a newborn.  Thea was super gassy too, but I had totally forgotten that was even a thing.  So now that I realize she is gassy, I know why she wont stay asleep if I’m not holding her or if she is not on her belly (which also makes sense now why she sleeps so good on her belly).  I do her gassy exercises with her and make sure to get a good pat in after she eats.  And the life savor for me during the day is a swing my mom sent up here.  I can finally lay her down when laying on her belly is uncomfortable for her.
  2. I’m learning the importance of gratitude.  My sister taught me that usually when we are hitting our breaking point, we are focusing on what we don’t have or what we want to happen that isn’t happening.  She said, “When we can step back and see what is good about our situation, how we are growing from it, how Heavenly Father is helping us through it, and find joy in the simple things, the bad doesn’t seem so bad.”  And I know that is true.  Gratitude is not my strong point, so I’mma work on that.  God reiterated to me today that He and I working on my humility, which is linked to my gratitude.  And like training a horse, the pressure is on when I’m not getting it, so if I want less pressure, I need to start making the effort to choose to make progress instead of fighting against it.

But all in all, like I said, breaking points really are not everyday, even with two babies.  Life is really actually quite beautiful, and beauty doesn’t always have to be easy or convenient.

“Challenges are growth experiences, temporary scenes to be played out on the background of a pleasant life” -Elder Richard G. Scott.


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