Potty training

Infant Potty Training: where are we now?

Baby Thea is just about 2 years old and we’ve been potty training (or EC-ing) her since birth.  Where are we now?

About the same place we were last update: Thea poops consistently in the toilet, although she now is more prone to actually tell me she needs to poop instead of me just having to read it all the time.  But I’m also reeeallly good at reading it, so between the two of us (and Andrew of course), we really don’t have very many poopy diapers.  Which is AWESOME!

But pee.  Guys, pee is my nemesis.  I can’t get her to pee hardly at all anymore in the toilet.  But I’m more at fault than she is.  I know I don’t take her up to the toilet often enough for her to have enough opportunities, especially not now that I have Rosy to also take care of.  Hauling two babies upstairs more than absolutely necessary just doesn’t happen in my world.  Really, the main issue is my house, more than my lack of determination.  I have only one bathroom: upstairs.  And that bathroom is right by the room Rosy sleeps in, so taking Thea to sit on the toilet while Rose is asleep is never happening.  Rosy sleeping is every time more important than Thea using the toilet.  Sleep time is sacred time.  So I got Thea a little training potty for downstairs in order to keep progressing, but she just likes to sit on it.  I’m not sure that she associates it with going to the bathroom just yet.  We’ll probably just move it back upstairs into the bathroom for a couple weeks and see if that helps.

But as far as our game plan for Rosy goes, I haven’t really done anything to potty train her.  Mainly, because I’m lazy this time around.  Maybe more worn out is the right word.  I’m sure ECing would be easier with Rose now that I have a better idea of what I am doing, but honestly, I think my realistic game plan for my lifestyle and my dedication level is to just get my children to poop in the toilet and we’ll tackle pee when it happens.

So what does that mean?  With Thea, it was easy to tell when she was going to poop as a newborn just because she was so gassy and had a hard time pooping.  Rose hasn’t had that problem, so I’m often surprised to find poop in her diaper.  I don’t even hear her fart most the time.  So I have yet to attempt to have Rose poop in the sink.  Also, training for poop got even easier for Thea once she started eating real food because she had to push to poop.  All I had to do was watch for her to start straining to poop, and we’d rush to the toilet.  Rose has just barely started eating real food now, so the games are soon to begin.  No more blowouts sounds really nice.

So we’ll aim for poop training, doing as much pee training as I can handle until, one day, they get it.

All in all, I don’t save any money on diapers (we’ll post about where we are at with clothe diapers another day), but not changing poopy diapers is worth every. single. effort.


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