Home sweet home

In pursuit of romance

My first date with Andrew was a not-date. He invited me to come horseback riding, which in my mind meant cowboy romance. I had had some tooth pain the night before, so I had an appointment at the dentist before I was going to meet up with Andrew. Praying the anesthesia would wear off in time so my smile wasn’t half working, I pulled into the drive. I quickly found out that I would be accompanying Andrew and one of his clients on a trail ride. Andrew had trained a mule for him and they were taking it out on a showcasing ride. Needless to say, I crumpled up my expectation of romance and felt very much like an awkward 3rd wheel, especially being a below novice rider at the time.

Eager to please and impress, I tried to just stay out of the way and pull my own weight. The trail ride went decent, besides nearly escaping death on the back of a horse while our ride had us scale down a literal cliff and losing my phone somewhere along the way and the pain medication for my tooth wearing off so every step that horse took rippled through my face. Yeah, besides that, it went decent.

The next morning, I woke up with a swollen cheek and pain to bring the strongest man to tears. I went to call the dentist. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Bad news: I didn’t have a phone (since it now lived on a mountain), no one else was home, and my parents had gotten rid of their land line long ago. Good news: I just drove myself to the dentist and literally showed up on their doorstep the second they opened, trying to not cry, begged to be seen, and they let me in.

Dentist said I needed to get to a specialist. He called and they could get me in at 3:30 that afternoon. I was grateful they could see me that day, but there was no way on earth I was going to be able to withstand this pain until then. I needed a priesthood blessing. That’s all I knew.

Without a phone in the middle of a Wednesday afternoon, my options for who could give me a blessing were limited. All the men in my life were at work, so I couldn’t just stop by their house.

Except Andrew. He works from home, the thought came.

Are you kidding me?? I argued back. I barely know the man and not to mention how forward that would look.

I prayed, Dear Father in Heaven, please help me to think of any other option.

I drove home and Facebooked my hometeacher. After 20 minutes of no response, I gave in: looks like we are going to Andrew’s.

I have never been so desperate and so embarrassed in my life as I was that day I pulled up to his parents’ house. Sure enough, his truck was home. I knocked on the door, swollen cheek and glory, grasping for how to explain what I was doing on his porch.

Let’s just say I’m really thankful we ended up falling in love after all this because oh I was so EMBARRASSED! I tried to explain that he was my last option. I’m not sure what he read of that situation, but he just let me right in where I got to sit with my fat cheek and his dad I had never met before while he went and changed into a suit. Oh man. I was just hoping his dad couldn’t read that my heart had Andrew’s name tattooed all over it.

After the blessing, Andrew, also being an EMT, served me up a quesadilla and a pain killer concoction that knocked out my pain like a dream. So, all in all, it worked out and I might have been a little grateful or the whole series of unfortunate events that landed me some one-on-one time with my crush of all crushes. Now that’s romance, friends.

You know, I look back on my courting of Andrew and I can honestly say that the Lord asked me to embrace vulnerability like I never had before. And maybe because of that, Andrew was able to see me like no one else could.

Cheers to crappy teeth and cowboys.


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