Home sweet home

“It will all work out”

President Gordon B Hinckley is known for always saying, “It will all work out.” I’m writing this post just to reassure everyone that so far in my life, especially since my last post, it really does.

Thanks to time, gratitude, and reevaluating, I’ve come to see A: things were actually much better off than I could see when my head was stuck in the dirt of self-pity and panic and B: just some slight readjusting of plans can make a world of difference.

Time and gratitude shine such a light on a situation. All I could see at first were the shadows cast by the failed expectation of our horse sale and the additional unexpected expenses being thrown our way. But as time has passed, things have fallen into place and the way forward has become very clear. Gratitude was key in helping me see our circumstances in the right light. So many details and facts were hidden beneath my vision of regret and anger. I’m grateful I was counseled to count my blessings because it helped me be realistic.

And as these things were at work, Andrew and I were able to take an honest and hard look at everything–our financial plan, our career plan, our goals–and see clearly what would and wouldn’t be best for our new circumstances. How interesting that process was as it illuminated some crucial elements we would have never before considered. God really does have a way of making something good out of any shattered pieces.

All in all, I have strengthened my faith that God does have a way of opening another door when one closes. And I can honestly say I am a better version of myself because of the hardship we were dealt. For those facing trials of your own, I wish you time, gratitude, and reevaluation. Those were true gifts for me.

Most of all, for everyone concerned, I say thank you for the extreme support. I’ve been blown away (again) at the support circle I am surrounded by. But know also, we are doing well. Sorry to make you worry. Everything financial is fine and prosperous and normal here. Progress will just come differently than we expected.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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